Exceptional Pricing

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Most traditional investment managers and brokers charge 1-2% for managing your portfolios. In order to work with these managers they usually have a large investment minimum to get started. Exceptional Portfolio provides investors with low management fees, utilizes low cost ETF’s and mutual funds while providing investors choice when selecting a globally diversified portfolio.

Management Fee:

The annual management fee for an exceptional portfolio is 0.75%. Fees are deducted from your account at the end of each quarter based on account value. There is a minimum fee per account of $150 a year.

Transaction charges:

The portfolios trade commission free through the Charles Schwab no transaction fee platform when possible. When a suitable option is not available on the NTF platform a fee of $8.95 on ETF trades and $19.95 on mutual fund trades will apply.

Minimum Account Size:


Tax efficient focus:

We practice tax loss harvesting, a common practice that has been utilized in the wealth management industry for years. It allows you to minimize your tax liability by offsetting investment gains with investment losses.