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Investing With Purpose

You have the right to define your future. With the help of advisors, we promise to guide you through the many choices offered at Exceptional Portfolio, to arrive at the ones that perfectly align with your life, your goals, and your values.
We decided it was time for change.

Guided by Values

Doing Well by Doing Good.

We avoid
industries and practices that our
investors find objectionable.

We seek
out companies that are dedicated
to protecting the environment.

We support
companies that allow women
and minorities to reach their full potential.

Social responsibility promotes positive change for yourself, your family, and your community. Our team at Exceptional Portfolio is passionate about helping you build a bright future, and we believe this can be done through a concious and responsible investment process. Let us help guide you on an investment journey that promotes positive growth for both yourself and your community. This isn't about your money, it's about your future. Click below to learn more about socially responsible investing.


Social Responsibility

Built Around You

Welcome to the next generation of investing.

The Exceptional Portfolio brand was born, providing today’s online investment management solution to serve investors with a unique, affordable, balance of human intelligence, care and experience over a push-button solution that thinks an algorithm can understand each individual’s unique needs. A new era has begun allowing investors online access to investment management services. Technology improves efficiencies and affordability but It’s not about artificial intelligence. Instead, it’s about authentic knowledge. Sign up online or call us today.

Be Exceptional

It's you life, make it Exceptional.

If you have your own dreams, your own style, your own method, and march to the beat of a different drummer, then maybe we're just what you've been looking for. Why? Because we realize you're the exception, and not the rule. We invest in your future dreams. A new tradition for the exceptions of the world with new approaches that transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Together, let's reclaim your independence and make you the exception.

How to Invest

Simply answer a few questions that help us understand your investment goals. Choose your investment options and you will receive your customized portfolio. Your account will then be professionally managed by the Exceptional Portfolio management team. You become the exception.

We Offer Choice

All investors are not created equal. The Exceptional Portfolios offer you three style choices. Two are passive portfolios; one indexed to the broad market and one indexed to socially responsible investments. The third is an active portfolio that seeks to outperform the broad market. Once you choose, the portfolio is customized to your specific situation.

Portfolio Management

The Exceptional Portfolio management team focuses on creating and monitoring diversified portfolios with a long term investment horizon. Portfolios that can weather market cycles based on your investment objectives.

Tax Efficient Focus

We practice tax loss harvesting, a common practice that has been utilized in the wealth management industry for years. It allows you to minimize your tax liability by offsetting investment gains with investment losses.

401k-403(b) Rollover Expertise

We have worked for years coordinating 401k’s- 403(b)’s into IRA Rollovers for our investors. Transferring all your old 401k’s -403(b)’s from multiple employers simplifies your life.

Exceptional Team

The Exceptional Portfolio management team combines 100 years of portfolio management and technology industry experience. Together we have been creating diversified portfolios for individuals and families for the last 14 years.

Get in touch

Are you interested in starting your Exceptional Portfolio journey? Do you have questions about the road ahead? We’d love to establish a dialogue with you about our proud portfolio management team and practices. Share your name, email, and topic of interest below to learn more about Exceptional Portfolio.