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Exceptional Portfolio is a new online investment service launched by CWC Advisors LLC, a Portland, OR based financial advisor. The online investment service offers investors low cost, professional investment management while offering choice in the construction of their portfolios.

LAKE OSWEGO, OR., Sept. 29, 2015 — CWC Advisors, LLC has launched Exceptional Portfolio, an online investment service that allows investors access to low cost professional investment management based on their own investment style and risk tolerance. Investors are free to choose between 3 globally diversified portfolios. One provides passive, broad market exposure, another invests in socially responsible initiatives and the third is an active portfolio that seeks to outperform the broad market.


Exceptional Portfolio President Gary Woolworth said, “There is a movement taking place in the in- vestment management industry. Due to the overwhelming adoption of online financial transactions of all kinds, I believe the next area of high demand is online investment management. We have spent the last year focused on creating a user-friendly platform that provides the investor with low-cost investment alternatives centered on their own investment style and risk tolerance. Currently, the majority of online investment offerings are constructed using computer algorithms, whereas we leverage our investment team to construct our portfolio choices. We believe our investment platform provides investors with a human touch and an experience that is simplified by technology.”


Exceptional Portfolio Chief Executive Officer Thane Cleland said, “I believe we offer a unique perspective to the online investment industry. Our team has a long history of managing portfolios using proprietary asset allocation, macroeconomic analysis, sector analysis, and individual stock selection. Our process requires us to maintain an intense focus on domestic and global economies, allowing us to make portfolio changes when we have a conviction that it is warranted.”


The internet has substantially changed the way investment management services can be accessed. Exceptional portfolio breaks investment barriers with low minimums, diverse portfolio choices and anytime, anywhere access. Our portfolios are designed, monitored and rebalanced by experienced investment professionals who constantly monitor the domestic and global financial markets. Exceptional Portfolio offers online investment management with a human touch simplified by technology.


Exceptional Portfolio offers online access to globally diversified portfolios through the use of low- cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Exceptional Portfolio’s $5,000 account minimum makes professional management available to people who are just starting to invest, people changing jobs with a 401k rollover, those already in retirement, as well as investors wishing to diversify their current holdings.


Exceptional Portfolio is a division of CWC Advisors that offers online investing, fueled by knowledge, simplified by technology. The Exceptional Portfolio management team focuses on creating and monitoring diversified portfolios with a long-term investment horizon. With Exceptional Portfolio, clients invest with trusted partners that utilize today’s most advanced technology to ensure security and help build a promising future.

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