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401K & 403(B) IRA


We have worked for years coordinating 401k’s from old employers as well as 403(b) plans from public education organizations, non profit as well as hospital service organizations into IRA Rollovers for our investors. Transferring all your old 401k’s or 403(b) accounts from multiple employers simplifies your life.


There are a few steps to the process. First open up a new IRA account with exceptional portfolio. Once the account is open you will be given an account number. You will need to contact the HR department of your old employer. They may provide you with a form to be completed. That form will ask what custodian you have opened an IRA with and you will need to provide them with your new IRA account number.

Once you complete the form with your old employer they will reach out to the 401k/403(b) provider and the account transfer process begins. In the event your old 401k/403(b) administrator mails the check directly to you, you must immediately deposit it into you’re your new IRA account. We stand ready to assist you through the process.

1. The first step you’ll want to take is to set up a new IRA Rollover with Exceptional Portfolio. Once your account is open, you’ll receive an account number, which will be used to fill out some important forms.

2. You’ll need to reach out to your previous employer’s human resources department to find out how to transfer the funds from your 401k and/or 403(b). Depending on their HR systems, this step may be done online or with paperwork.

​3. Complete these forms and make sure to put your new Exceptional Portfolio IRA account number from your sign-up in the section labeled “IRA Custodian Account.” Once this step is complete, the transfer should begin. The whole process shouldn’t last more than seven to ten business days. In some cases, your previous employer will mail you a check, which you can then deposit in your new IRA account immediately upon receipt.

​4. Once the funds are deposited they will be invested into the portfolio you have selected.


When you move your retirement savings from your 401k/403(B) managed by your old employer to an individual retirement account (IRA), your investment options change dramatically. These options allow for greater flexibility and choice in the types of investments your portfolio can hold. Learn more about how your 401k and/or 403(b) rollover affects your portfolio.

Your new IRA Rollover account will allow you to choose investments that match your particular desires. This gives you more control over the types of investments your account may own versus your 401k/403(b) account at your old employer. These investments will present their potential for risk, reward, diversification, and additional factors that keep your portfolio growing at a rate that suits your needs.
The process of rolling over 401k and/or 403(b) accounts from your old employers to Individual Retirement Accounts is a specialty service that our team has been performing for years. You will be able to choose the investment vehicle that best suits your goals based on your risk tolerance and what is important to you. Once you’ve transferred funds to your new IRA account, we will begin managing the account based on your selection. Of course, we’ll always be available to answer questions and guide you through the process.

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